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Tuesday, February 1st 2011

8:37 PM

New Year...New Goals...A New Life...

      2011...hard to believe it is already here. Guess I could say the past 11 years have flown, when I think about the first scary step I took into 2000. Then again, I could say I've prepared myself for these years and been ready to face them head on.
      Truthfully though, I wish it was the 90's again. I was born in 1991, so I'm still not fully used to this new way of living. All this technology and...well... futuristic way of life most are accustomed to already.
       Actually, to be 100% honest, I wish I was ten years old where I feel like my biggest problem, is which of my many outfits my Barbie is going to wear.
       But I'm getting off topic. Today I have been thinking a lot about life goals. What are yours? I know everyone has them. Some you KNOW you will achieve, others, you're not so sure. Some seem a little 'out there' and maybe hard to reach. Where as others seem reachable.
       Are you the type that can dream of bigger goals, but is only willing to fight to accomplish the smaller, more realistic goals? I know I am.
       At least I was. After looking back at the past 19 years of my life, I hate to say, I am very disappointed with myself. There are many things I wish I had accomplished before now, and now will never get the chance to go back and do them.
       But this year, that's all going to change. I have big goals, and small goals. And I'm going to fight to achieve every one of them, even the ones that may very well never happen. Such as getting the first novel in my series published.
       2010 went by way too quickly. I still find it hard to believe it's actually OVER! I am honestly not ready to face 2011 yet, but I guess it's going to happen whether I want it to or not, right? Considering it's already February 1'st, yeah, I'd say the year has already started without me.
       All my life, my three main goals have always pretty much remained the same.
       1. Own horses and get into horse training.
        2. Write and publish a book/series
        3. Get married and raise a family

       Of course none of those really happened when I wanted them to, but oh well. I won't let that stop me from living.
      It's only February, and so far, one of my goals may be getting crossed off that list fairly soon. Which one? That would be #1...Yes...I have owned horses for 5 years now. BUT...sadly, owning horses will not give me the income I need to help support a family one day. That's why I chose horse training as a career. And...that career may be starting soon if all goes well.
      A local horse stable; home to 30 rescue horses, is looking for people to help care for the horses. I have spoken to the owner and an interview has been set up for Saturday. I am so excited! If everything goes well...I am hoping to get a job working with the horses, caring for them, and riding them. And in the spring/summer, taking part in their riding camps for young children.
      This is big for me. Especially since I never thought I'd ever actually be able to fulfill my life long dream of making money, with horses!
       So now that #1 is started on it's way...#2 is equally getting ahead. The past...six months, I've been slowing down on my writing. I've had no motivation and no drive at all to write. But lately, I've decided to bite the bullet and push through my writers block..and by doing so, today I completed 2 and a half chapters! Over 10,000 words to add to my novel. I am thrilled!
       So life seems to be moving really smoothly for me right now. My job at the grocery store is going great! I'm getting loads of hours and making new friends. I'm getting a start on my dream career with horses (yes...I will be balancing two jobs. I predict many tired days ahead...) and I am pushing forward with my writing. And hopefully one day...I will get to see MY name on a book in the bookstore!
       The only goal left to accomplish? #3...Get married and start a family. Though...I'm in no hurry for that one (despite being almost 20...) right now I will focus on my career, job, and hobbies. Then it'll happen when it's meant to happen, how, it's meant to happen.
       So...ending on that note...now I shall ask...what are you 2011/life goals???

      (P.S...Chapter 6 and 7 of "Evolutions" will be posted on the main website within the next couple of days to a week... http://acwillard.com/ 
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Posted by Bogart:

I am so excited for you my friend!!!!!! It sounds like some doors are being to open . . . with many surprises & adventures behind them! I am excited for you & can't wait to hear how it goew with the horses & your books!

Getting married eh? Mmmmmm . . . I know I am gonna sound like a Mom here, okay more like a grandma . . . you are young, you have so much time, don't rush it

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 @ 2:05 AM

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