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Saturday, May 29th 2010

9:21 PM

Perpetual Love: A Romantic Thriller

Alright. I have to say, it's been way too long since I was last here. But a lot has happened in the past few weeks. I'm back from my 10 day trip to the US. It was amazing and SO much fun! A trip I will never forget!

There isn't really much to update, except that I am still hard at work writing "Evolutions" and I have a huge audience building up; which is so exciting!

But, while I am working on "Evolutions" I tend to get bored. And since I don't want to get bored and end up letting the book die, I've decided to start working on a short story for fun.

It's a new idea I got randomly yesterday, and so far people are really enjoying it. It started out as a short story, but I've decided to stretch it out into a novel. Not a long one like "Evolutions" but longer then a short story.

"Perpetual Love" is a romantic thriller. I got inspiration from several different movies and books I have read, but I'm twisting it into my own thing.

I am working on it as we speak, and currently only have 2 chapters done with chapter 3, well under way. So...if anyone is interested, here is chapter one for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy and let me know what you think =)


       I stood impatiently at the counter, waiting for my items to be rung through. The woman who was supposed to be doing this, was on the phone, yakking to a friend. I glared impatiently at her but she paid not attention and continued with her conversation. I felt like screaming. Did she not realize I was going to be late for work? I doubt she would take responsibility for me losing my job when I showed up late-for the third time this month.
        "Alright Susan, I have to go," She eyed me, clearly annoyed. "yeah. I have to get back to work. I'll talk to you later. Okay bye." Hanging up, she shot me a sickeningly sweet smile as she began swiping items. "Paper or plastic?"
        "Paper." I replied coldly.
        She nodded and finished scanning the items before dropping them-and literally dropping them-into the bags.
        "Have a nice day." There was that smile again. I wanted to stick me tongue out at her, but I figured it would be an immature thing for a twenty-six year old woman to do. I just muttered to her and hurried from the store.
        I still had to get home, put the groceries away, and try to catch the bus before it was too late. Fortunately, it wasn't a long walk from the store to my apartment. I was home within a few minutes, set the bag of the counter and quickly left again.
        At almost seven am, it was the busiest time of the morning. People crowded the sidewalk and cars flooded the streets. Oh the joys of living in New York City. I pulled my black, knee-length coat tightly around my waist, hugging my purse under my arm. People stared at me as I hurried past, doing my best to run in my four inch heels.
        I was half a block away from the bus stop when I saw the doors on the bus slowly beginning to shut.
        "Hey! Wait!" I called out, but I knew there was no way anyone would have heard me over the hectic city noise. The bus shut and locked the doors and pulled away from the curb. I came to a quick stop at the curb, where just moments ago, the bus had been parked.
        "Oh lovely!" I groaned, scanning the streets for a taxi or another bus. No luck. The next bus wouldn't be around for another half an hour. I glanced at my watch. It was ten to seven. If I wasn't in my office at seven, I could kiss my job goodbye.
        Dropping myself on the bench a few feet away from the bus stop, I let out a heavy sigh. At the moment, I had two choices. One; wait for the bus, be late and hope like heck my boss was in a good mood. Or walk the twenty blocks in four inch heels, end up breaking a leg and going to the ER and being delayed even longer. Leaning back against the bench, I decided to wait for the next bus.
        People continued to hurry past me, ignoring my very presence. I dreaded the idea that someone would come along and claim the empty spot next to me. I wasn't much of a people person. I didn't mind them, but I hate having to share my space with anyone.
        As I sat there, I looked up and down the street, people watching; something I rarely did, but found quite amusing. One couple in particular caught my eye. An elderly couple, holding hands and smiling as if it were their first date. Their love for each other was clear in their eyes, the passion revealed through their expressions. I smiled to myself as they climbed into a small car and drove off down the street
        I turned around after watching then disappear into the sea of cars and almost screamed with surprise. Someone was sitting next to me. He turned to me and smiled, flashing a set of perfectly white teeth.
        "Oh, I am sorry," He apologized, laughing softly-his voice almost angelic. "I didn't mean to startle you."
        I couldn't speak. I wanted to, but couldn't. The words seemed stuck in my throat. Looking at him gave me the feeling that this wasn't real. I was dreaming, I had to be. There was no way someone that good looking could exist. His dark eyes flickered with kindness and his smile seemed to light up his whole face. His darker hair was well combed yet also tousled-a mix of neat and messy.
        "It's okay," I finally managed to stammer. "I just wasn't expecting to see anyone." Forcing a laugh, I almost felt like shooting myself. Way to act like an idiot!
        "I'm Tyler." He smiled again and my heart flipped. Extending his hand out to me, his eyes caught mine for one split second, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. They seemed to be staring into my very soul.
        "Serena." I introduced, taking his hand in a less-then-firm hand shake. My heart skipped when I realized my hand fit perfectly into his.
        "Nice to meet you Serena." He slowly took back his hand and turned his attention ahead.
        I looked away, trying to catch my breath. Why was I acting like this? I had met hundreds of guys before. Maybe it the fact that I'd never actually fallen for a guy? Or the fact that this guy-Tyler-seemed way too good to be true.
        I looked at him through the corner of my eye, shocked to see him looking at me, still smiling. There was something about that smile that had me in awestruck. Was it the way it light up his face, or because I knew it was sincere? I saw many smiles everyday, but I could always tell which were sincere, or forced. And his seemed genuinely sincere.
        "So where are you headed?" He asked suddenly.
        I turned to him, catching his gaze. "Work." I replied quickly. "I'm just waiting for the bus. I missed my last one because the clerk at the store was busy yakking on the phone." I clamped my mouth shut. That's it, just start babbling non stop about your dull morning to this stranger.
        He chuckled. "Well it sounds like this just isn't your day, is it?"
        I sighed. "It's better now." My eyes widened as I looked away from him. Did I just say that out loud?! Oh crap!
        He just laughed again. "Where do you work?"
        "David and Sons Book Publishers." I replied, forcing myself not to say more then that.
        "Oh really? Are you a writer?"
        I nodded. "Yes, in my spare time. But I work as an editor."
        He looked thoughtful. "Have you been published?"
        Laughing, I shook my head. "Oh lord no! I'm not good enough. I just write as a way of expressing myself. It helps take my mind off of life too."
        "That's the exact reason I write." He smiled at me.
        "You're a writer?" I didn't mean to sound so shocked.
        "Yes. I have only even been published once though. Definitely not New York Times material though." Chuckling, he looked at his watch then down the street. "Right on time."
        I was confused but looked up anyways. There was the large bus rolling down the street towards us. I hated the sight. Why couldn't it have been late like it usually is?
        "Well it was nice talking to you Serena." Tyler stood up, his eyes cast down on me.
        I slowly rose. "Yes. it was nice meeting you."
        He suddenly handed me a card. "I work with a publishing company as well. You should give us a call and I'd be more then happy to take a look at one of your manuscripts." And with that, he smiled and turned down the street.
        I held the card in my hand as I climbed aboard the bus-not even stopping to wonder why he had just spent fifteen minutes sitting at the bus stop, and not even getting on.
I handed the bus driver my money and moved to the back, my eyes locked on the card. Tyler Stone Publishing!
        The Tyler Stone?! The Tyler stone that owned one of the biggest publishing companies in the country. I couldn't believe it. How did I not recognize him? He was only on every single magazine cover at my office.
        Looking up, I began flipping the card over in my hand. What was he doing talking to me? Then I saw it, on the other side of the card. It was a phone number. And not just any number. It was his cell number.

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