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Wednesday, May 5th 2010

10:26 PM

Time for a vacation!!!

Oh wow! Seriously, I can't believe I've been so bad at keeping up with this! It's been how long since my last post? A month?! YIKES! 

Well I have some VERY exciting news! (For me anyways ) I will be leaving for vacation on Friday to go to my best friends wedding. It should be very exciting! My first trip to the US!

But since I will not be around for a couple weeks, I shall post a quick, but decent update now:

It's summer...not a shocker for the month but I am most definitely enjoying this heat! I missed my shorts and tank tops!!

I will be 19 in a few months (GASP) and we are still not moved! (Though for those who follow this blog...that's not a shocker)

Our horses are doing well. Lacey is almost 2 and a half and already as tall as her mama!

A couple of the horses (Raiah mostly) seem to be getting sick fairly regularly I am sure it's due to the sand we have just put in...but I am getting tired of seeing her sick so often. Fortunately, it's never serious and she recovers within a few days, but it's still sad to watch.

My writing is coming along GREAT! I am getting such an amazing, large audience I almost can't believe it! I have over 140 fans on my facebook page, and over 250 on another site I am on.

I am holding a contest with the book, and the winner will become a semi-main character in book 2 of the series, "Breakthrough" (You can find contest here: http://acwillard.viviti.com/entries/evolutions/contest-time )

I also have chapter 2 posted http://acwillard.viviti.com/entries/evolutions/chapter-2-the-book

Well..I think that's about it for now...but I will TRY to post another update soon, and I know I have many blogs to also catch up on! But I shall get to those ASAP!
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